There's a Discord? (Also included: What's Discord?)

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Firstly: What is this?

Well, hearing Reid mention it on the latest announcement, I realized that as a whole I don't know if the Discord has been explained or shared with the community that may have no clue about it, but want to get involved. I do know that there's been a tweet by the official SA! twitter here and there, but I want to use this forum to help people find it. With that out of the way, onto the post!

What is Discord?

Well, for the uninitiated, Discord started out as an alternative for Skype and Teamspeak for gamers. Since then, it's expanded to pretty much any group of people that want an easy way to get together, officially or unofficially. From high school robotics teams to magazines, they all can use Discord to keep in contact with each other. If you want a more in-depth explanation, I suggest you go to their website at

Sneak Attack! has one?

Yes and no. It's unofficial, so therefore community-ran, but don't run away (yet)! Founded by CRaiG the British One and Jestloo the Ever-Notefull, it's ran by our very own, wonderful, EllentheEmu (oh yeah and Craig as well). Moderated by the Gnome-Obsessed Jestloo and The Great Cas, we'll all welcome you with open arms. If anybody can think of something I missed, please call me out in the comments. If you have any questions, please ask them! I don't bite! Anymore!

Before I forget, here's an invite:


  • Very nice Noah! Thanks for shouting out the SA! Fan Discord and then some~

    Only detail I’ll add is that Craig and I were the founders. Ellen became an admin cause she’s mvp in the controls and managing department. 👌🏻 And I remained a mod cause I like my name being blue. Lol

  • missed this post somehow, thanks for sharing.

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