Episode 4 - Bonus To Vape

Hey everyone! Episode 4 has been released, so use this post as an opportunity to chat about the episode and share your thoughts with the community!

Links to the episodes:


  • Is it possible to get Markle Sparkle and the crew of Walter to interact in an episode?..

  • The chaos that would follow...

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    TOA and SA2 interation
    Chip: what the heck is on my ship.....and is that a stone goat.
    Dalphin: Should I hit weird metal thing with a dart
    Winnie: THEY ARE SO COOL! (gasp) do you think they would be impressed by

  • Dang it, that was bad, I can't find a way to delete the above

  • The episode was great and I extremely enjoyed ship combat, it made the game very fulfilling to me. Cant wait for the rules for the game so I can understand all the functions of the system.

  • Loved the space combat. Maybe add proficiency bonus to hitting with the guns?
  • I think that would be a reasonable idea.

  • I don't know, it might be something only pilots can have

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