Titans of All'Terra

Sounds pretty hype, having just listened to the new sneak announcement this'll be great.

Josh do you have a link to the iTunes podcast or can we only subscribe after the first episode comes out?


  • Since we are posting the first episode of Titans of All'Terra (ToA) on the Sneak Attack! feed, it will include a link to the proper iTunes/RSS feed for the show. Look for it at the beginning of next month!

  • My body is ready
  • can't wait.
    sneak attack used to be the only clean live play D&D podcast i can find and now there is going to be 2 of them!

  • This will be great! I am thrilled to have not ONE but TWO clean podcasts to listen to!
  • Cannot wait to see what 5e with tweeks will be like for the all terra world. Excited to see the new characters.
  • My brother is super thrilled, he's wanted a podcast that he can listen of off without feeling he's behind of his Bro's

  • I can never have enough DND podcasts tbh. Will be good to get into a weekly podcast listening again.

  • Just a question but is titans of All'terra going to make a website?

  • It is realy great show and I highly suggest it to anybody who hasn't watched it yet

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