Episode 2 - A Robot I Can Get Behind

Hey everyone! Episode 2 has been released, so use this post as an opportunity to chat about the episode and share your thoughts with the community!

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  • I am loving this so far, its so nice to hear everyone again. Feels like you never left, but with that said I do have one small issue.

    I normally listen in my car, the audio levels these 2 episodes feel all over the place for me. I had a really hard time with this last episode in particular. Parts were super quiet and I had to turn it up, only to have it blast when everyone starts laughing. I haven't tried to listen via headphones yet so I will give that a shot, just wondering if this has been an issue for anyone else? I just felt like I had to keep my hand on the volume to hear everything.

    I'm not trying to insult or anything like that, just my 2 cents. I really do love the audio work Reid has put into this so far, the music in the first episode when they transition from the parts of the town was wonderful.

    I am just happy to have Sneak Attack back :smiley:

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    I noticed this too when listening off my computer. Headphones are a bit better, but will still need to adjust volume at certain parts. Definitely a lot of work to put these episodes together I'm sure, but the audio quality isn't back up to par vol 1(but that had some audio issues at the beginning too so I'm sure things will improve)
  • I actually had the same issue listening in the car. Headphones was better. I also noticed some ambient noise in both episodes, almost like waves on a beach or a semi passing by, and couldn't tell if it was intentional or not.

    Aside from that I'm adoring it. Every time Ethan talks I cry on the inside with happiness. He's definitely my favorite so far. And the alien races and the lore behind them is just incredible. I think it was in ep 0 when Reid was talking about how the Ardent are actually called the Dansu Nari (spelling?), and it just hit me right then how much work has truly gone into this. <3

  • @Dragbehind I totally agree. When I've been editing these I've been wearing headphones and hadn't noticed any audio inconsistency, but when I listened for a few minutes in my wife's car I was pretty shocked. Definitely going to get remedied.

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    Ethan Cole is actually based on a real person, a man named Dave K. in Eustis, Florida.

  • I still don't know what pratorian is but other than that I felt tat this episode felt awesome
    Character Rank: Ethen gets The Funny award, T gets the Rp award, Lucky gets the cool award and Chip gets "I'm the captain now reward".

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