The Arrowhead Galaxy

I created this discussion so we can talk about the world of the arrowhead galaxy, what we enjoy about it and what we are confused about


  • so far all we know about the worlds are...

    Jema: a satellite moon of Olympia the gas giant. Mainly populated by Preatorins and used a an industry/ mining colony. (also a part of the Terran union.)

    Amalbe: A planet barley mentioned but apparently there is a large fear or hostility towards robots or just echo's.

    Corose system: Home system of the preatorins. it contains Olympia the gas giant and it's moons.

    There is more mentioned about species home worlds in episode 0 but I haven't gotten to those yet.

  • Also known, The Brax once controled large areas of the Arrowhead Galaxy

  • Hey Reid is the Lamar cluster a region or a system with outpost beta on it? Also did the group pass through The Koros system before heading to the Perical asteroid field just you montaged over it. just wondering because you said the asteroid field blocked trade between Helios and Koros. thanks :)

  • and there are space truck stops

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