Episode 1 - Cargo, Crew, and Comfort

Hey everyone! Episode 1 has been released, so use this post as an opportunity to chat about the episode and share your thoughts with the community!

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  • Dan's voice.

    slow clap

  • Hi I'd like to order one of Dan's soft-spoken cowboy voice for my gps. Thanks again.

    Actually though, I very much enjoyed this episode. Everyone got their time to shine and show their new personality that y'all are still working out.

    I love Josh's roleplaying of a respectful and serious agent of righteousness that doesn't hesitate to just go ape**** and wreck some fools for the sake of balance. He's so strong in his stance on life and it's very satisfying to listen to.

    "Cargo > Crew > Comfort" better be restated at least 5 times each episode.

    The lack of magic is a very refreshing change from a lot of today's popular RPGs. I'm very interested to see more of this combat system as well.

    Final note, I was very pleased with the situation where the thugs' self preservation was realistic and called upon when their life was in serious danger. Make the world feel more real.

    Good Episode
    5 stars
    2 enthusiastic thumbs up
  • Thanks Tom! One thing I'm trying to bring to this world is the idea that it's populated with living, thinking creatures, not just mindless drones without motivation or (as you put it) self-preservation. Running away is always an option. I still want to reward my players for "beating the encounter" despite not felling all of the enemies, which is why I gave Ethan a few S'Bucks for investigating. I'm hoping that each encounter feels fresh and unique but is also grounded in the other person's will to live.

    Thanks for the message dude. Appreciate you!

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    Got stuck at home today... But then realized Vol. 2 starts, and I got my wet palette and a bunch of paints and some minis delivered! Serendipitous.

    edit: And. Anthem demo is live?!

  • Great episode, great setting and great law.

    I was curious as to how much a credit is worth, is there a big mac index in Arrow Head so we can understand the purchasing power of a credit in each system?

    Love having you back!

  • I was wondering the same thing about S'Bucks. Is one S'Buck equivalent to one gold in D&D?
  • Probably not, but the economy is entirely up to how the game master wants to price things in their world.

  • An excellent start to volume 1, all characters are awesome. Still confused about some things (what are pretorians?) and some of the characteristics of the game (practically augments)

  • loved the episode! It had so much lore that I could take notes on! Ethan definitely seems to be taking the lead of favorite character just because of his voice (it's great), but I do agree with Tominator. All the characters had time to shine.

  • I was thinking that when Ethan said he suffers from a little thing called IBS, that he was bluffing in order to make the guard want to rush him through and not ask too many questions.
  • We all wish that were the case... :smiley:

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