Episode 0 - Welcome to Volume 2

Hey everyone! Volume 2 is here, so use this post as an opportunity to chat about the episode and share your thoughts with the community!

Links to the episodes:


  • Great to hear you guys again, love the characters and races everyone went with. Is the website going to get updated with the character names and brief bio like it shows for volume 1?

  • It was wonderful to hear that table chemistry again, you haven’t missed a beat.

    Now I have to sit and patiently wait for a sourcebook.
  • Good question, @CraigUK37. I'd be happy to put something together - might not be for a few weeks, though.

  • So excited to listen to you guys again!
  • Almost that time to get lost in a sneak story again! It was great hearing everyone back at the table - the banter is on point and you all sound like you have a renewed energy.

    One thing I’ve looked forward to is the possibility of a new theme song at the start. I loved the jingle for season 1, but can’t wait to hear tomorrow if we get a new one with lots of beeps or summat! I thought we might today with episode 0 but Reid’s holdin out!
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