Introduce Yo'self!

Hey all! I thought it could be fun if we got to know each other. If you want, feel free to share below a couple things about yourself and why you like Sneak Attack! Maybe things like how long you've been listening to the show, your favorite episode/moments, favorite characters, etc. I'll start! :smiley:

How long I've been listening: since I before Episode One started recording
Favorite Episode: Either Episode 100 or The Finale, Part 3
Favorite Moment: Detective Sherwood, no doubt
Favorite Character: To avoid drama, I'll say my favorite non playable character, and that would be a tie between Taegan and Westra.

Can't wait to see what you all have to say!


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    My name is Alyssa Anderssen~

    I am entering my 4th year at an art trade school, working towards becoming a professional Concept Artist. When I stumbled across Sneak Attack! I instantly fell in love and dragged several others into it. I've listened about 8 times through now, became known as the fandom's note taker, and made personal designs for the characters with lots of fan art~
    Also, thanks to Sherwood, I ADORE Gnomes!

    How long I've been listening: Near the start of my 2nd year of college, some time in November, 2016. Ep. 81 was the first episode I had to wait for (after Sherwood surprised Reid with Merge With Stone)~

    Favorite Episode: Ep. 77 Illusions of Grandeur. I cried laughing in class while the gang spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out how to open the outer wall of Penn's Manor. X'D

    Favorite Moment: When Sherwood met and spoke with Dath'Meros. Although, honestly, every Sherwood moment/interaction is my fav.

    Favorite Character: Sherwood Mossbeard (Fav NPC: Farlow Bramblewood)

  • My name is Noah, but you can call me Terra or Terrarian or whatever you want because people do that anyways.

    I'm a high school student and I'm angling to go into engineering as my future, with multiple AP classes. I'm also a writer for fun, and recently was accepted into the Worldbuilding Magazine as a writer for them (if you're interested, go to I DM for D&D 5th edition, play the Dungeon World system, worldbuild, play video games, and watch movies. I can't make the same claims to fame as Alyssa or anybody else, but I want to get more active so one day I may get my own title (if I haven't gotten one already; I'm a very oblivious person).

    How long I've been listening: Episode 70 or so was when I caught up.

    Favorite Episode: Ep. 130 Magic User, Baby. I couldn't relate more with Reid than when he sighed at Josh imitating a cat hacking up a furball.

    Favorite Moment: YOU'VE ACTIVATED MY PLANT CARD!!!

    Favorite Character: Sherwood Mossbeard, followed closely by Brenna.

    Favorite NPC: Dath'Meros

  • Heyo!

    My name is Dani. I don't remember how long it's been since I was first introduced to SA! as a passive listener, catching partial episodes in the car and updates from my husband during my his listen through, but I'm thinking it was somewhere around a year and a half ago? However, I recently started my own full listen through and am approaching episode 30. I love the podcast because it reminds me so much my own circle of friends, our play style, and the banter within the group. Finding the community of fans earlier this year has been a huge biggest blessings and breath of fresh air!

  • Hey

    I'm Sash from Scotland. Between sneak attack and critical role it's got me into finally getting around to dnd. Been DMing for over a year now in regular one shots. Definitely missing my regular sneak attack episodes though.

    How long I've been listening: since Episode 10 came out
    Favorite Episode: Detective Sherwood or Brenna's song episode
    Favorite Moment: as above!
    Favorite Character: Sherwood or the Colonel
  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Will, I am a fourth year chemistry student in beautiful British Columbia, and I began listening to Sneak Attack! towards the end of my first year of university (April of 2016) and I was immediately enthralled by the story, the characters, and the group dynamic (I'm a sucker for great group chemistry HA! sorry..) I was introduced by my friend Cameron and listening to Sneak Attack was a great way for us to stay in touch between D&D sessions after he moved away. I'm a proud patron to Sneak Attack! and I can't wait to see what the cast creates going forward. Listening has given me tons of inspiration for my own characters and my own world-building for the games I DM, so I am very much looking forward to hearing more from the crew!

  • Hey teammates!

    I'm Coach Ben. I'm a professional gymnastics coach in Seattle. When I got out of the Marines, my son Ethan was born and I needed something quiet to do while I rocked my baby boy to sleep. I started listening to Shadowrun and D&D actual plays and found Sneak Attack! ("It is my favorite podcast of all time," That was me.) I have a special connection to this show because I've watched my son grow with it. I tell my son bits and pieces of the story, my goal is to listen with him someday. I didn't listen to the final episode, I'm saving it for when I can listen to it for the first time, with my son!

    I learned how to play D&D from this show and I've met some great friends to play D&D with - all thanks to this show. So excited to be part of the SA! community.

    How long I've been listening: OG Sneaker
    Favorite Episode: Detective Sherwood
    Favorite Moment: My shout-outs!
    Favorite Character: Drappodanx

  • Hey gang, I'm Steve from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm currently on episode 112 and am desperately trying to finish Volume 1 before Volume 2 and Titans of All'Terra start up. This show is a blast and happy to see the new website!

    I've been listening since May 2018.
    Favorite Episode: Aiko's solo episode
    Favorite Moment: Way too many! Sherwood in the stone golem, The Colonel getting blinded, the mariachi band, Detective Sherwood, Brenna reuniting with her family, probably a bunch more to come!
    Favorite Character: Farlow Bramblewood

    I'm sure there is plenty more ahead as I finish Volume 1, but looking forward to what's in store!
  • Hello all. My name is Erskine James. Am a cardiologist (heart failure specialist) in Macon GA. Am married with 3 children.

    How long I've been listening: Think I started around episode 5, but then had a 4 month hiatus due to work, and finally caught up about 5 months ago to be current.
    Favorite Episode: Either Episode 100
    Favorite Moment: Loved Detective Sherwood and interviewing plants.
    Favorite Character: tough one -- think I would say Dath'Meros.

  • hey my names Broderick and I live in Michigan

    i started listening to sneak attack with my friend but never got really interested but then i got my brother into it and we both took off. now I'm close to finishing volume 1 and still loving it. Been listening since I think April 2018. Also a new member of the discord.
    favorite character: Greaek Stronghammer
    favorite episode: 34 detective Sherwood
    favorite moment: when Sherwood melded with the stone Golem.

  • Hey Sneakers!

    My name is Scott and I live in Ohio, my wife and I are currently in the process of opening a board game cafe. We love games and the way they bring people together, so we are going to try and share that with as many people as we can.

    How long I've been listening: I found sneak when they were in the mid 20's been hooked ever since.
    Favorite Episode: 91 Sherwood's Choice
    Favorite Moment: Any moment with Farlow
    Favorite Character: Westra

  • Hey, I am Craig. I live in the United Kingdom. I enjoy talking with people about Sneak Attack and happy to have another place to do so!

    How long I've been listening: since March 2016, during the Chronikum
    Favorite Episode: Either Episode 100
    Favorite Moment: Scurvy
    Favorite Character: Maybe Dirk or Jax?
    Can't wait to see what you all have to say!

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    Hello, Sneakers! My name is David, in some places KnyghtZero (Not sure what this will post as, I linked my twitter Edit: It's KnyghtZero). I'm mid twenties in the southern US working a lot of hours. I have very little experience playing D&D and other RPGs, but I'm well versed in bits of rules and lore. I listen to a handful of podcasts, but this one is the only one I have binged straight through.

    How long I've been listening: I picked up the podcast right at the end of volume 1, soon before the epilogue was released.
    Favorite Episode: I'm not sure I could pick just one!
    Favorite Moment: Brenna's song for Sherwood
    Favorite Character: Brenna!

  • My name is Brandon, but you can call me Muffin!

    By day I am a .NET Web Developer for Curse/Twitch. I have been a software developer for over 16 years! By night I am an avid Twitch Streamer, mostly streaming World of Warcraft (a game I've played for many many years... haha)
    In addition to all that, I've been married to my wife Sarah for over 10 years, and I have a 15yo daughter who loves DnD! Serious - she plays with a school sponsored group during lunch!

    How long I've been listening: I started a few months ago and essentially stopped ALL other podcasts as I binged the amazing SA goodness!

    Favorite Episode: Ep. 50 - On the Trail

    Favorite Moment: Brenna - "I'm going to poop on Greaek's hammer"

    Favorite Character: ABSOLUTELY BRENNA!

    Favorite NPC: Westra!

  • Sup sneakers,

    My name is Beignet and I'm a late twenty something living in the Atlanta in the land of OutKast, fried chicken and peaches. I've been listening to Sneak Attack since early 2017 when my brother first introduced me to it on vacation to visit him. Since then, I've had Sneak Attack ringing through my ears on planes, in canyons and swamps, during weddings, and often when an upset girlfriend or mother are trying to have a conversation with me. I just finished Volume 1 and can't wait see what Volume 2 brings. If I ever make a DND character, he will most definitely serve deep fried French fritter like pastries to match his name.

    Favorite episode: The series of episodes in Sandhaven always stick out in my mind. There's nothing like extra sleepy BBQ.
    Favorite moment: "Garrrryyyy!!!!!"
    Favorite character: The Colonel

  • This is so cool! It's amazing to see everyone posting and sharing their favorite moments. I'm kind of geeking out over all of this :smile:

  • I'm Rachel a 30 yr old female from Oregon (born in cali). Dnd nerd for 12 years, sneaker for almost 2 years. I have dm'd my own campaign that I hope to get back to sometime and i play in two campaigns. My group is in the process of recording to one day start a podcast.

    Favorite episode: the halloween haunted mansion/town.

    Favorite moment: Sherwood interrogating the plant

    Favorite character: Sherwood and Brenna equally. I created a druid/bard based on them.
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    Hi all! My name is Alex. I'm a writer and editor for both work and fun, and I love fantasy, sci-fi, music, sports, board games, and lots of other stuff. I found Sneak Attack while browsing for clean D&D podcasts, and I've been hooked since then. And I got my whole D&D group listening too. :)

    How Long Listening: Started in April 2017, got caught up around ep. 105.
    Favorite Episode: 100
    Favorite Moment: Meeting The Colonel or the opening of Akio's character episode
    Favorite Character: Akio/Colonel

  • Hi everyone! Name is mike and I live in Utah. I'm blind and DM a game for other blind friends of mine.
    I started listening a few months ago and blew through every episode and have felt bored for weeks after finishing them!
    Favorite episode? That's a hard one... I think maybe when the colonel went blind and got left behind for a while. I kinda related to that.
    Anyway, love the show and look forward to what comes next!
  • Hello everyone!

    I play Sherwood,Milo and of course DJ Switch on SA! I live in Nebraska with my family and design full time!

    How long I've been listening: Been down since day one!

    Favorite Episode: Super tough but I think my favorite episodes are the single character episodes.

    Favorite Moment: Song of Sherwood - just a cool moment at the table since I knew nothing about it till that recording. Kudos to Kelsey.

    Favorite Character: Delphina

  • Hello!

    My name is Miles and I am a Water Resources Engineer in South Florida but I am originally from Nebraska. I was friends with Josh and Kelsey (and knew Reid) before they were famous and I kinda helped set up Josh and Kels, so you're welcome everybody. Sneak Attack was the first podcast I ever listened to and was my introduction to DnD! I have since listened to four other rpg podcasts and played in a friends homebrew Pathfinder(heresy) campaign and have just started online campaign with my brother and some old friends!

    How long I've been listening: Since Summer 2017
    Favorite Episode: The Halloween Special, I mean Shadow Bear Sherwood and Moonbeam!
    Favorite Moment: When Sherwood released the chicken into the orphnage
    Favorite Character: The names Greaek

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    Hello from Atlanta, Georgia!

    My name is Paul, and I have been playing D&D, mainly DMing, since the 3rd grade. I had a gap from 2nd Edition to 5th Edition. Currently, I am DMing a group of four players through Tomb of Annihilation and having a blast! I have ideas for homebrew campaigns in my head and don’t have the time to get it all down on paper. Someday...

    I started listening to SA because it was the only D&D podcast without an explicit tag, and as far as I know, it still is. I am very excited for the Titans of All’Terra so that there two podcasts that don’t have an explicit tag.

    My 8 year old daughter listens to episodes as well and I got her into D&D. She already wants to DM her own game!

    How long I've been listening: Since about episode 4 or 5, I think
    Favorite Episode: Episode 34, Detective Sherwood
    Favorite Moment: See above answer
    Favorite Character: Out of all of the characters, including non-player characters, I’m going to have to go with Greaek

    But nothing beats meeting and getting to hang out with Reid, Kelsey, and Josh in summer 2017. Not only are they awesome to listen to but they are great people in person!
  • Sup bois it's ur girl Ellen

    I'm a fine arts student from Alabama concentrating in printmaking and graphic design. My love language is dead memes

    How long I've been listening: Since spring 2016, somewhere around when the Heroes of Highrock got out of the Chronikum

    Favorite Episode: The Halloween ep for sure. I go back and listen to that one all the time.

    Favorite Moment: The first conversation Sherwood had with Dath'Meros in Penn's manor

    Favorite Character: Gosh I love all of them but Akio is my OG favorite.

  • Hey guys my names Scott. Or Qotato on everything.

    Been listening to sneak since episode 4 or so. Have listened to it from start to where they got up to then to the end on the 5th listen through at work. Such a great story.

    Favorite Episode: The Halloween episode. Or sherwood song but mainly just for the song. Tears me up every time. That or milos entrance.

    Favorite Moment: possibly the double 1 roll that ended in sherwoods black fingers. Sherwoods song 100%

    Favorite Character: sherwood. But milo is a close second. Child assassin is an epic idea.
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    Hi I'm Corwin, Broderick's(antnest) brother. We both were introduced to the podcast by a friend and took off. I however finished the whole thing first (and continue to enjoy torturing my bro because of it). I believe we started with episode 72 (Return to the Statue). I love Fantasy books and Fantasy in General (Now that I think about it Josh and I are kind of similar).
    Favorite episode: Episode 100, the story, drama, and the contribution of all characters is beautiful
    Favorite Moment: when the colonel was blinded or when Greak destroyed Valisar's Sword with the Hammer that Breaks (THAT WAS AWESOME!)
    Favorite Character: Greaek Stronghammer followed by Brenna Bear (and Muag)
    Favorite NPC, Jasper and Farlow (Dath'Meros is my favorite villain)

  • Derrick Barrows - I am a huge fan of Sneakattack, been listening since the beginning. I'm a Christian father of 4, work a ton of hours, I play a ton video games in my free time. Into fitness and comic books my whole life. I illustrate comic book related art, some commission art, painting traditional and digital. I have done some fan art for Sneakattack and I have started a comic book about Alfredo, still working on it. Can't wait for the new adventure. Follow me on IG if you want!
  • Hello!

    I’m Mike aka Feldarove aka That dude that wants Reid to stream shirtless.

    I’m 34, about to get married (sadly, not to a shirtless Reid), and work as a firefighter/medic in the Chicago burbs.

    I’ve been listening for a few years now, can’t remember when exactly. Sneak attack got me thru nights I couldn’t sleep when I was taking care of my mom who was dying of cancer. I’ll forever be thankful for the entertainment reprieve these fine folks gave me.

    I’m a big Graek fan and love his backstory episode. My favorite moment is when Akio decided to sleepy time potion the party and things went sideways.

    Lastly, I can’t wait for season 2!
  • omg Felda, amazing to hear from you bro! :smiley:

  • Hi,
    I'm Smashbear and I'm a big fan of D&D. SA! has inspired so many ideas [especially Reid] for my campaigns. Thx so much.
    I started listening ep 140[ish] and caught up at ep 145[I know. Probably overdid it] But I just love SA! so much

    Favourite Episode: probably the whole Bear family saga. So Much DRAMA! [loved it though]

    Favourite Moment: ohhhh. This is a hard one. I think either detective Sherwood, when Sherwood switched with Brinlen [I cried so hard that ep] or Sherwood's son REED [not Reid]

    Favourite Character: Sherwood.

    Favourite NPC: Dath'Meros.

    Anyway, thank you so much SA! Love you all!

    Can't wait for season 2!!!! [the hype]

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    I'm Amalia, but you can call me Cas!

    Been listening since mid summer 2017.
    Favorite episodes: Sandhaven (Taaaaeeegaaannn), You Want The Noodle?, Magic User Baby, the Christmas episode, Det. Sherwood of course
    Favorite moments:

    • Sherwood: "This is nice. Weird, but nice." Greaek: "We like the weird stuff, don't we?" S: "Oh, we do." G: "Remember the fish people?" (Greaek and Sherwood die laughing)
    • "I half it."
    • lots more

    Favorite character: Taegan :D

  • Heyo, I'm Kaleigh, but I usually go by Ozzie/Oz! I'm a senior in high school, planning on majoring in music performance (I play flute.) I've been listening since around June/July 2017. I also do art as a hobby on the side.

    Favorite episodes: Detective Sherwood, Los Banditos Metallicos, Potato Salad Is For Winners, Brenna Bear: Behind The Music. Plus, the entire Lorendale arc, and The Temple series.

    Favorite moments: The Whale™, every moment with Westra, Milo's introduction, Sherwood trying to convince the potion shop owner to make a more powerful antitoxin ("Maybe we both die, I don't know! Maybe nothing happens. Maybe I have a shadow bear that will come and murder you if you kill me, I don't know, it's whatever.")

    Favorite Character(s): Westra (and Milo)

  • Hey, everyone! I'm Zoe and I'm a librarian in the Boston area. I love roleplaying games but find D&D to be a little bit boring so if you ever wanna branch out from D&D please reach out to me! I know so many games and I also listen to a fair number of actual play podcasts.

    How long I've been listening: Came in when the eps were in the 90sish.
    Favorite Episode: Oof. Even though they're heavy, probably 90-91.
    Favorite Moment: I think Detective Sherwood, but I also really like the fourth-wall character break moments across the podcast.
    Favorite Character: Probably Sherwood, with Brenna hot at his heels.

  • Hey yall, my name is Blake. I've been playing D&D for about two years and it was my first (and thus far, only) excursion into the world of tabletop gaming. I'm a huge fan of the Sneak Attack community that the Sneak Attack cast has cultivated and I'm happy to be a part of it!

    How long I've been listening: I jumped in somewhere around the 30th episode, and binged those in about a week...

    Favorite Episode: Detective Sherwood was of course amazing, but I think my favorite episode was Into the Evergrove simply because of the level of buy in from Kelsey. As a DM, I think that would have just slayed me.

    Favorite Moment: Too difficult.

    Favorite Character: Also, very difficult... I think everyone had brilliant moments that were genuine and made me care for them. I think the real answer is Reed though, for facilitating every one of those moments.

  • Hey, my name is Scott Selvidge and I'm from Oklahoma. I'm a graphic designer and amateur concept artist (I mainly just sketch up stuff for my own games). I usually only play Dungeon World but I really like listening to 5e podcasts. Sneak Attack is one of the first ones I listened to and I was immediately hooked.

    How long I've been listening: a little over a year
    Favorite Episode: #156 The End, Part 3
    Favorite Moment: When Greaek found the Hammer that Breaks.
    Favorite Character: PC - Milo. NPC - Westra.
  • Hello, my name is Christian. Am from Sweden and am a indie gamedev / Train conductor / Roll player. Your pod was always a welcome pod during my years traveling to the university, i find it somewhat cool that my first year i started to listen to the pod and the actual last week of the show i ended my tree year education.

    Currently am really looking forward to the next installment of Sneak Attack and am just started to check out The Titans of All'Terra.

    How long I've been listening: 2015 July 13, the day you guys aired on podbeam

    Favorite Episode: ep 47 the bear god

    Favorite Moment: Beheading of Akios dad. Was so unexpected but brutal in its nature, feelt like the players would fall of their chairs

    Favorite Character: I liked the big "demon'ish"guards with superiority complex that showed up during the show, and if i had to pick a favorite PC i go for the Cornell.

  • Hey guys! My name is Jemma and I'm from Illinois. I've been meaning to join the forum for a while, but life got in the way. But with the launch of Vol 2 right around the corner, it seemed like a good time.

    I've been listening to Sneak Attack since sometime in early 2016. I don't even know what month it was. My brother-in-law had just passed away a few months after his 18th birthday and things weren't great in my life. Sneak Attack offered a much-needed reprieve at that time.

    Favorite Episode: There are so many great ones, but I always go back to the Halloween episode.

    Favorite Moment: Brenna and Milo at the dwarven tailor. "Jorts and a... tank torp?" A+ roleplay, all around.

    Favorite Character: Is it lame to say all of them? If I had to pick a dynamic, it would hands down be Brenna and Milo.

    Favorite NPC: Saturn. And Dath'meros. He was the guy you loved to hate.
  • Hi all! Sneak Attack was the podcast who introduced me to D&D back in 2016. I just wanted to say thanks for all the good laughs during all this time! Looking forward for Vol 2!

    How long I've been listening: Late 2016
    Favorite Episode: Vol 1 Epilogue
    Favorite Moment: Akio’s spicytown moments
    Favorite Character: Team Brenna here

  • Howdy. I'm Matt from Houston, TX, usually known as "Genghis" on social media. I'm a self-taught (and highly amatuerish) comedian, comic book artist, musician, and programmer (in that order, as a matter of fact). I've only ever played D&D once back in college, but I've always loved the concept of the game. Don't even remember how I came across Sneak Attack, but I loved it instantly. From Reid's amazing world-building, to Josh's hearty and infectious enthusiasm, to Mike's hilarious quips, to Kelsey's attention to detail, and back around to Danny's wild card playing style, the Sneak Attack crew is hands down my favorite bunch of people to listen to on a Friday at work. Seriously, you guys are the best.

    How long I've been listening: Since the first few podcasts.
    Favorite Episode: The ones that made me laugh the loudest (usually when the gang is giving Danny's character a hard time over his choice to let his father die, or leave an eye open...)
    Favorite Moment: The finale was so fulfilling and bittersweet. Just masterful.
    Favorite Character: To draw, Brenna. Lots of flowing hair and a chance to draw instruments!

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    Hello there, I'm Hannah but I also go by burnin(g)baconarts on social media. Figured I should finally check out the forum here :)

    I'm currently a college student in Pre-Animation and I love, love, love to draw! SA has only fueled my obsession since then and it's been so great! I played D&D once a few years ago, but scheduling conflicts ending up cutting our campaign short after a while. I didn't even really know D&D podcasts existed until my friend introduced me to Sneak Attack, but I will be eternally grateful for that because there's a whole new, amazing world here that I'm so happy to be a part of now.

    When I started listening: I'm still pretty new, started listening around September-ish of 2018
    Favorite Episode: Episode 100 and The End Part 3. I'm a huge sucker for epic storytelling and both these episodes had me in tears because of it.
    Favorite Moment: The drunk Akio/Colonel moments, when Brenna (in her bard costume/disguise) hugged Greaek in Sandhaven, anytime Sherwood speaks and a ton more.
    Favorite Character: Brenna but Sherwood's a very close second.

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