Our First Spammer

Yay this forum just got it's first spammer. sadly these seem to love targeting all kinds of forums (even ant forums).


  • we have had quite a few. just the first one you have seen i think.

  • I just don't know why they do it. all it does is get users and mods annoyed.

  • Could Reid kick them (were a podcast forum, not a commercial investment

  • here's another one

  • yep here is more of them

  • so i don't know if this would work but in another forum i visit they have an email sent to one of the mods or something so a person can verify a new fan joining the forum, it's annoying when your joining but it cut's out 90% of spammers, just an idea.

  • We've been working on it. Apologies for letting it get out of hand for a couple days there.

  • oh no it's fine just an idea. :)

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