Treasure Chest Puzzle

Hey gang, I am running a D&D game in a couple of weeks and remembered an awesome puzzle from Sneak Attack that I wanted to steal. Ordinarily I like coming up with my own ideas, but since I'll be pressed for time I decided it would be easier to just snag a couple that I already know will work. The trick is that I don't remember what episode it's from and I was hoping you guys could help me out!

The puzzle featured a treasure chest on a rotating circle with 2 switches. One switch moved the circle a few spaces to the left, there other switch a few spaces to the right. On the third pull of the switch two statues with axes swung down. If they lined it up, the ax would break the chest open.

The episode was most likely in the Chronikium, the Temple of Melius, or the crazy druid's lair. I wanted to listen again a few times to get a feel for the puzzle, as well as actually learn the solution. Don't worry, Reid will get full credit for the puzzle, and hopefully some of the players can be convinced to check Sneak Attack out! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


  • I know it is in the temple of Melius. FOUND IT! its on The Temple Part 6

  • Awesome! Thank you! I was rooting around the Chronikum episodes yesterday, so many great moments!

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