Any Guesses on what the new characters are going to be

I don't Reid is going to tell us what the new characters are, but that shouldn't stop us from guessing what they are going to be for volume two. My guess is that Josh is playing the Brax Templar they just showed us (since we don't know what the races and classes for volume two are,we can use class descriptions like Tank, Healer, Damage Dealer, ex)


  • Really I would have to think that Josh's class would not be a Templar because in the announcement episode Josh said he wanted to be a short, belligerent character who shoots guns. Plus Kelsey said in previous mailbags that she might want to play the tank for once.

  • Kelsey could be playing a monk because Josh commissioned a drawing for her of it. The drawing could also be older or for a different campaign.

  • space monks would be cool since monks are the most OP class in all of D&D

  • Note: yes that my brother argues about the most.

  • Danny is probably going to be a human... AGAIN!

  • question is what mike is going to be. Space gnomes?

  • Haha, as much as I like gnomes with big monkey wrenches wearing fishbowl-style space helmets, unfortunately gnomes won't be in Vol 2. There may be some gnome equivalent, but you'll just have to wait and see :smile:

  • Alright with a bunch of sneak attack blogs coming in for vol 2, I have some good gueses. Josh is a Brax Tank-trooper class that I'm pretty sure reid is cooking up (right?), Dan is a human engineer, Mike is an ardent pilot, and Kelsey is a Bionic Ambassador

  • I think that Josh is going to be a brax templar

  • well he said he was being a belligerent little person that shoots guns, templars use laser
    swords and shields

  • They never said that Templars can NEVER use guns

  • Maybe maybe not we don't know

  • It's been confirmed that Josh is playing a Brax Templar.

  • alright but is there a tank class

  • Templar is the tank plus there's a new race and class reveal only to patrons currently.

  • I realy hope the last class race reveal are the prehistorians and a tank/soldier (I realy want to see a storm trooper and space marine class)

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