The Death Knight?

I feel like this question is kind of late to ask but do you remember the Death Knight Sir Lander Tarmon who killed Akio's dad (the shrug). What happened to him. (maybe I missed something but I'm still really confused about it).


  • Wasn't ever stated as far as I recall. Maybe the Durhaven military killed him. But I don't think anything about him is mentioned after they escaped the tower in Fairfall.

  • I think it was implied he basically self destructed when he used that massive spell. Reid didn't specifically mention if he lived or died though.
  • Yes he did. Josh asked if sir lander would also be damaged from the super explosion and said that he would not cast something that would specifically hurt himself. He did state that every guard died.

  • Just finished listening to Sir Lander Tarmon. I still really don't know. Reid, can you please help us out.
    [also, if every guard died, how did Capt. Denton survive to join the Brannis Defence Force?]

  • Wait wasn't Denton in Lofort?

  • Yes, but after that he went to Fairfall to help with the zombie apocalypse.

  • he is only seen twice in fair fall and really only got to talk once.

  • If it's any help, I had asked on Twitter and this is what Reid said.
  • Thanks for showing us this, and I guess this mystery is solved (though maybe this guy might be the villain for the Fan made Hero's of Highrock adventure)

  • Guess its what I predicted.

  • I still like to think his soul was released from service when Dath'Meros was killed. Makes sense to me anyways. But I'm a sucker for evil characters getting the chance to be redeemed.
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