Episode 8: Fruity Spentos

So hi I know i'm not Reid but since he hasn't posted the episode description yet and i'm so full of thing to say for this episode i'll post it i guess.

So first off I'm really bummed out that Kanye got captured, especially since the group didn't put up much of the fight (even though i know they all would have died if they did.) Though I am so glad that lucky (josh) is going to start a small (possibly large) arc of finding Kanye and getting him back.


  • Yeah, but no one actually cared that Kanye got stolen. Mike even mentioned that he wants control over his ship again and was totally okay with not having Kanye by saying "RIP Kanye, it was a good character Reid". It's mostly Josh's attempt to drive the story somewhere with his heavy-handed "find balance" quote 17x per episode.

  • true but all most of the fans want him back so i bet at least one of the group members want him back right? Reid might bring him back.

  • ...shoulda sent Kanye over witha riddle... ... just sayin'...

  • Lets go new sleepy potions and Pineapple Gang :)

  • It broke my heart when they took Kanye, but I’m sure we have not seen the last of him!
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