Sneak Attack! - Announcement


  • Great news. Website and forums are great. Good luck to Josh, Kelsey and others on the new podcast!

  • Just what I needed on a Monday. Love the new website and so hyped for everything coming up! You all are great, keep doing what you're doing.

  • Thanks guys! Really proud of the site and can't wait to see it flourish with new content when Vol 2 spins up! :smile:

  • This site is so great!! I'm also really really happy to know I'll be able to get a Sneak Family D&D fix in the near future!

  • listening to this episode almost killed me (figuratively only of course) from excitement. SA! crew you guys are awesome!

  • Love the Aladdin references

  • I am seriously so hyped. Actually, wait


    My body is ready.

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