Volume 2 Race and Class Reveal - Part 7

by Reid  |  Apr 24, 2019

Check out the last reveal of the playable races and classes in Volume 2!

Hello all! Today we have for you the very last playable race and class reveal for Sneak Attack! Volume 2. It's been such a thrill to create this lore for you all, and I hope that you have enjoyed this series of deeper dives into the world of the Arrowhead Galaxy. Every single month I'm thrilled with what Adam Kovar (@adamkovarart)and Mike Hegberg (@mikehegberg) have put together, and this is no different. Without delay, let's jump into the final reveal: The Pretorian Soldier.

I created the Pretorians to exist within this kind of visual dichotomy: on the surface they are a very blue-collar, middle class species that all look alike, but when you dive into them as individuals you learn so much about them through their Conscription tattoos and the stories that are painted right there on their bodies for the world to see. It's this fun mix of being similar yet diverse at the same time, and I think players can put together some incredibly interesting backstories with this race and allow the tattoos to speak life and personality into their character.

Race | Pretorians

The Soldier class is pretty straightforward - it's a class that is better at dispatching enemies than anyone else. But I think there is a lot of variety in the Soldier class that allows players to create their characters in completely different ways. Strong background and subraces within this class help define both the personality and the history of the character, while empowering the player to feel like they can take on challenge they may face. Soldiers are designed to fit perfectly into any squad composition and immediately provide useful benefits.

Class | Soldier

And that's it! The last playable race and class to be included within the Volume 2 worldbook is officially complete. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this seven part series as much as myself and the team did at putting them together. While this may be the end of planned art releases, expect to see lots more lore and info into the world of the Volume 2 and its inhabitants as the podcast continues to develop. We can't think you enough for joining us on this ride.

All the best.

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