Volume 2 Race and Class Reveal - Part 5

by Reid  |  Jan 18, 2019

Check out this behind the scenes look at the fifth playable race and class for the upcoming Sneak Attack! Volume 2.

Hello amazing Patrons. Reid here with another Vol 2 class and race reveal for you all to sink your teeth into. Remember, Volume 2 launches in one week, so hopefully this will help hype you up before the big release. First up this month is the new race: the Terrelians.

The Terrelians were created out of a desire to have a species that looked physically imposing, but are actually quite tame in their views on violence and brute force. Their strength comes in their use of words, as they are extremely skilled and fearsome negotiators, able to find and tap into their opponent's weaknesses and exploit them for their own gain. They are also unique in that they are a mono-gendered species, meaning there are no male or females among their race, and can reproduce asexually. However, with scientific advancements, they have been able to combine their DNA with that of other races, creating entirely new and unique Terrelian offspring.

They are also the only playable race with no established homeworld. They travel the cosmos as a fleet of ships known as The Great Armada, hoping to one day find a planet suitable to settle and colonize. Because of limited space aboard their ships, the Terrelian Council has put limits on reproduction, creating a rift between the race and causing many Terrelians to emigrate to foreign systems in order to live freely.

Race: Terrelian

For the new class, the Smuggler was intended to be a mixture of a Rogue and a Bard, with lots of opportunities for mischief and mayhem. Smugglers are equipped by default with many tools unique to their class that offer opportunities you won't find anywhere else. First, with the Neural Projector, a Smuggler can create a holographic image of anything their mind can imagine. Very useful for creating distractions and inciting chaos. They also get the Booster Pack and a Cloaking Device, two pieces of equipment that help them reach new heights and escape sticky situations. When all else fails, a Smuggler should also be able to talk their way out of nearly any situation, rely on their whits and their charm to smooth talk any question guards or eager authorities.

Class: Smuggler

That's it for this month! Enjoy this behind the scenes look at the world of Volume 2, I can't wait for you all to hear it. Thanks again to Adam Kovar (@adamkovarart) and Mike Hegberg (@mikehegberg) their amazing art and layout - I swear I'm more impressed each and every month they produce this incredible content. And of course, and huge thank you to each and every one of you all for supporting this show and encouraging us to take this bold step into outer space. We couldn't do this without you.

Thanks for joining us at our table. Can't wait to see you in the cosmos.

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