Volume 2 Race and Class Reveal - Part 2

by Reid  |  Oct 7, 2018

Here is another look at a new playable race and class for Sneak Attack! Vol 2.

The Creative Process

Hey everyone! Here again to introduce a brand new playable class and race for Sneak Attack! Volume 2, the Human Engineer.

I knew right away when starting the creative process for Volume 2 that I wanted humans to be a playable race within the game. It really establishes a sense of familiarity, but still feels all together foreign due to the setting and being surrounded by entirely new races of creatures. As in real life, the humans in Volume 2 are a wonderfully diverse group of people; not the best at any one thing, but posses a spirit and will unmatched by all others in the galaxy. Humans have a lot to prove in the galactic stage, and are considered a primitive, under-developed species by some of the more established races in the galactic community.

Race: Human

For the Engineers, I was probably the most excited to dive into the inner workings of this class, and I think it will really show in the final product. With the world being so full of technology, automated security systems, and personal robotic assistants, having a class that can repurpose and manipulate that technology can provide a totally different play style than the traditional warrior or brute force type of character. The Engineer will play a bit more like a traditional thief or Rogue: operating in the shadows or away from the front lines, working their magic from a computer terminal rather than with a blaster. It's been really fun developing characters that excel outside of combat, so I'm excited to see what fun things the Engineer can do in game.

Class: Engineer

As always, thanks so much for your continued support during the development of Vol 2. It's so incredible to see the excitement build as we get closer and closer to the launch. Thanks again to Adam Kovar (@adamkovarart) and Mike Hegberg (@mikehegberg) for their incredible contribution to these monthly releases. Look for even more in the future!

Thanks for joining us at our table.

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