Volume 2 Race and Class Reveal - Part 1

by Reid  |  Sep 28, 2018

Here is the first look at the new playable race and class for Sneak Attack! Vol 2.

The Creative Process

Hey everyone! I know we've been a bit quiet lately, but that doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work creating and preparing for Volume 2. I am excited to unveil our first original class, the Templar, along with our first playable race, the Brax.

The goal when creating anything for Volume 2 has been to take things I loved about D&D and Fifth Edition in particular, and rethink it for this custom sci-fi setting. So when it came to creating the Brax, I knew I wanted to make a race of characters that combined certain qualities of races that I already loved. You'll see through the art and stats of the Brax that they are fearsome, warring group of people who rely on brute strength to accomplish their goals. I really liked the idea of taking characters like Orcs and Dwarves and combining them into one race; incredible warriors with a heavy emphasis on family and clan. The pre-existing conflict built into the lore of the race helps provide some fun context and dynamic when playing with or encountering races you may have some less-than friendly history with.

Race: Brax

For the Templar, I continued the same approach I took for race creation and applied it to the new classes. I knew that religion and magic would play a significantly different role in Volume 2 than it did in Volume 1, so I wanted to create a singular class that would be the representation of those two things. The Templar is the only class who has any direct ties to any of the three gods, and is the only character capable of casting magical spells. The Templar is a mix of several classes from Fifth Edition, namely the Cleric, Paladin, and Warlock, and is used by their god to maintain a cosmic balance in the galaxy between the other gods. I'm really excited to see how people will play the Templar, as it has the most diverse play style of any of the classes for Volume 2.

Class: Templar

I really hope you enjoy this glimpse into what we've been working on for Volume 2. We've got a long ways to go still, but your support and love for Sneak Attack! has been such an encouragement. A HUGE thanks to Adam Kovar (@adamkovarart on Twitter) and Mike Hegberg for their help with the art and layout for these pieces. Look for more releases like this as we continue to move closer to the Volume 2 launch, and as always, thanks for joining us at our table.

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