Volume 2 Class and Race Reveal - Part 3

by Reid  |  Nov 11, 2018

Check out this behind the scenes look at a brand new race and class for the upcoming Sneak Attack! Volume 2.

Hey everyone! Back again to show you all the latest playable race and class for Sneak Attack! Volume 2 - the Ardent Pilot. Sorry that this is a few days late. My wife and I just had our very first child, so I'm playing catchup a bit.

The Ardent come from my love of small creatures. Gnomes and halflings are some of my favorite characters to play as because I feel like they are both visually and mechanically interesting. I tried to take that same approach and apply it to the Ardent, who are the smallest of all the playable races. The Ardent are an energetic group of people who make up for their lack of stature with their fiery personalities - but their feisty energy comes at a cost. The lifespan of an Ardent is less than half of their galactic counterparts due to their hyperactive endorphin glands. Because of this, the Ardent don't have a long and historic legacy in the galaxy, but they make the most of what little time they are given.

Race: Ardent

As for the Pilots, I was really excited about the challenge of creating a class that was so reliant on a larger piece of equipment that isn't always available when planetside. It really forced me to take a different approach to the class. Because the "XP" of Volume revolves around currency and upgrading your character with augments, not having a Pilot in your class means you must give up that precious currency to pay a contractor to fly your crew around the galaxy. There are several classes of vehicles to be piloted, which gives several upgrade and customization options to the player in terms of how they want to build their character, but the item with the most opportunities for hijinks has to be the Zero-Gravity Gauntlet, a Pilot exclusive item that can trap objects (and sometimes other players) in a controlled forcefield.

Class: Pilot

I hope you enjoyed this look into the development of Volume 2! As always, thanks so much for your continued support during the development of Vol 2., and thanks again to Adam Kovar (@adamkovarart) and Mike Hegberg (@mikehegberg) for their incredible contribution to these monthly releases. Can't wait to share more with you in the future!

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