Make Your Own 'Corruption'

by Reid  |  Mar 19, 2020

Check out the script of the latest entry of character lore for Sneak Attack! Vol 2. Feel free to take it and make your own art!

When writing Chip's character episode, I knew early on that I needed to treat the script like a screenplay. The back and forth with the characters, the multiple locations and points in time - it needed to be laid out in a way that made logical sense to not only the voice actors but the audience as well. I am very proud of how the story came together, and grateful to have a team of people like Josh and Mike, my wife Tiffany, and our amazing editor Ryan to pull from to help bring this story to life. I realized that there is some actual meat on the bones of this story, and wondered what it could look like if told through a visual medium instead of just an audio presentation.

That's where you come in.

I know we have some of the most talented and creative listeners of any fanbase in podcasting, so attached in this blog entry is a PDF of the entire script for Chip's character episode "Corruption". Take it and do as you wish. Animate it, act it out live, illustrate a frame or two based on how you saw it in your head - anything goes! I want to see your take on this episode and how you visualize it in your head.

Post any work you do on socials and be sure to tag is in it (@SneakPodcast on Twitter and Instagram). Happy creating!

Sneak Attack! - Corruption.pdf

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